That's What I Said

That's What I Said

That's What I Said is a conversation between two friends, Matthew and Joanna. Every week, they discuss different topics and make each other laugh. Download an episode and hang out with them!

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    We’re Matthew Dickens and Joanna Zaleski, and we’re just two crazy best friends who like to talk about different things and make each other laugh.

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    TWIS #012: The Return of That's What I Said

    It’s been so long. How do we do this again? Matthew and Joanna are back! This week, the duo get caught up on each other’s lives and discuss The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the latest season of Riverdale, and then wrap it up with an appropriately dumb game.

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    TWIS #011: Which Golden Girl Are You?

    This week, Matthew and Joanna talk about Matthew’s recent trip to Cuba, Joanna surviving Hurricane Florence, and they find out which Golden Girl they most embody.

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    TWIS #010: How Do You Eat These Things?

    This week, Matthew and Joanna talk about Matthew’s sister’s wedding, baby names, and a BuzzFeed survey on how people eat certain foods. They also announce their new bonus mini-series, Podcast in Paradise.

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    TWIS #009: Special Guest - Joanna’s Husband, Ryan

    This week, Matthew and Joanna are joined by Joanna’s husband, Ryan. The trio forgot to prepare anything to discuss and, with some new technical problems, the show goes a little off the rails. Enjoy!

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    TWIS #008: Living the Modern American Dream

    This week, Matthew and Joanna discuss birthday gifts, fireworks, the TWIS drinking game, and what it means to be living the modern American dream, as well as podcast shoutouts for Going Postal, Glad You Came (explicit), and Hollywood Babble-On (explicit).

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    TWIS #007: Wizard School Dropouts

    This week, Matthew and Joanna talk about the recent Tony Awards and then take an online quiz to find out which Hogwarts house they belong in. Spoiler alert: neither got the house they were expecting.

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    TWIS #006: She's Beauty and She's Grace

    This week, Matthew and Joanna attempt to do their first livestream on YouTube, despite all the technical difficulties. They also reenact the questions and answers portion of Miss USA 2018.

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